Tips for Conducting Yourself When Pulled Over for a DUI

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While driving home from a bar or social event where you had more than a few drinks, you may have caught the attention of a police officer and had to pull over. If this happens, the way you conduct yourself can either help things go smoothly or make things worse when you have to go to court. When you are pulled over for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI), use the following tips below to conduct yourself properly.

Position Yourself in the Car in a Non-threatening Way

As soon as you are pulled over, your first impulse may be to jump out of your vehicle and start walking toward the police officer so you can start explaining yourself. While sober, you probably know that this is a bad idea. However, if you are under the influence, you may think that this is a way to show how "not drunk" you really are.

Instead of exiting the vehicle right away, wait until the officer instructs you to do so. Until then, sit quietly in your seat with your hands on the steering wheel so that they can see them when they make their approach.

Limit the Amount of Conversation with the Police Officer

When the officer approaches you in your car, you may decide that you can talk your way out of the situation. You may believe that you are sober enough to clearly speak to the officer and not have them suspect that you have been drinking.

However, if your driving was bad enough to lead to the officer pulling you over, there is a good chance that you are slurring your words. Even if you are not slurring your words, you may have problems putting together sentences. And, as you speak, the officer will smell the alcohol on your breath anyway.

Limit your conversation to the officer to answering their questions without giving extra information. However, do not be curt or rude in your responses since you do not want to come across as combative. Simply give polite answers whenever the officer speaks to you and try not to talk too much or incriminate yourself more than you may already be doing.

Conducting yourself in a positive, controlled manner can help keep the situation calm and collected without making your case worse when you are pulled over for drinking while driving. After dealing with the police and arriving home, contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options for going to court.