Why You Need Title Insurance Even If You Pay Cash For The House

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If you are getting ready to purchase a house with cash, you may wonder if you have to purchase title insurance. Title insurance is something almost all lenders require borrowers to purchase, but if you pay cash for a house, you will not have a lender making demands like this. Because of this, you have the option to forego purchasing title insurance; however, this might not be a good idea. What Is Title Insurance? Title insurance is protection you receive when purchasing a house. This insurance assures you that the title of the property is...

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Selling Your House? 2 People You Need To Hire

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Do you need to sell your home in a hurry for a decent price? Although you might be tempted to snap a few pictures and slap your listing online, making the wrong decisions could impact your ability to sell. Here are two people you should hire, and how they can improve your opportunity for success: 1: A Professional Home Stager You might adore your black and white chevron rug and that family picture gallery, but you never know how potential buyers will feel about it. Buyers have a tendency to imagine themselves inside of the space, which could...

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Addressing Your Autistic Child’s Needs During & After Divorce

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Getting divorced is hard enough, and doing so when children are involved makes it worse. When a child is on the autism spectrum, this brings up additional considerations that should be addressed for the well-being of the youngster and the entire family. The child may have more difficulty adjusting to the changes in circumstances and even understanding what divorce is. It’s essential for you and your spouse to work together as amicably as possible on a variety of issues. Place of Residence Children on the autism spectrum tend to dislike...

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What Happens To Your RRSP When You Die? Advice For Investors

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Registered retirement savings plans (RRSPs) are increasingly popular. 59 percent of Canadians say they have contributed to one of these plans, which offer a more tax-efficient way to put money towards retirement. While many people plan how they intend to use their money during retirement, some savers overlook what happens to their plans when they die, a move which can greatly diminish the investment’s value. If you pay into an RRSP, learn more about what happens to the plan when you die, and find out how you should set up these plans to...

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Family Law: Which Children Are Eligible For Child Support?

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Unfortunately, not all marriages end with happily ever after. With time, many couples develop irreconcilable differences, and as a result, these couples may feel that getting a divorce would be best for both parties. Approximately 35 to 42% of all marriages in Canada result in divorce with an average age of divorce being 44.5 for men and 41.9 for women. Separating and distributing assets that have accumulated during the marriage can be difficult, as can determining reasonable child support payments. This article will explain several...

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International Child Support — Should You Be Worried About Your Ex-Spouse Moving To The U.S.?

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Many an ex-spouse has considered leaving Canada and moving to the United States in an effort to thwart their child support payments. What these law-dodging parents don’t realize is that their move will by no means relieve them from their financial duty. If your ex-spouse is threatening to move to the United States so they don’t have to comply with child support orders, read on to learn why you shouldn’t be worried. Their Passport Will Be Denied If They Owe Too Much In order to leave Canada and enter the United States, your...

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Coming To A Courtroom Near You: Your Fitness Tracking Data

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Fitness trackers are all the rage these days. Whether you’re an avid fitness buff or just someone who wants to keep tabs on their physical fitness, the average fitness tracker offers a treasure trove of information on your health activities. These fashionable wrist bands are also making their appearance in a most unlikely venue: the courtroom. A growing number of personal injury lawyers are now relying on the wealth of data locked within fitness trackers to help their cases. Finding New Ways to Seek the Truth Verifying the facts can be...

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Overwhelmed With Debt? Regain Control Of Your Finances With These Tips

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When you are feeling overwhelmed with debt, it can be intimidating and overwhelming. If you are worried about facing bankruptcy, the best thing you can do is reach out to a credit counselor and try to get control of your spending. Here are some steps that you can take on your own to regain control of your expenses and get out of debt. Know Where Your Money Goes The very first step to getting control of your finances is to understand exactly what your current financial situation looks like. Start by creating a detailed summary of the money you...

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Consumer Proposal Versus Bankruptcy: How To Choose Which Option Is Best For You

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If you find yourself in debt, and you are falling behind on payments or just overwhelmed by the amount owed, then help is available to you. However, it can be intimidating to understand what options are available and how to know which direction to proceed. Since there is no “one size fits all” option to provide the help you need, you should learn more about each before making a decision. Here is information to help you choose: What are your options for settling debt? Canada offers two primary options for consumers who need debt...

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Becoming A Landlord In Ontario

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Being a landlord in Ontario can be a lucrative position, but it can also be very dangerous. If you let the wrong tenant into your home, it can be destroyed. And if you don’t know exactly what your legal obligations are, you can get yourself into some real legal trouble. If you want you and your rental home to stay safe, make sure that you follow these tips when you start renting out a home. Carefully Draft Up the Lease Be sure to include all of your expectations in the lease that you draft up for your property.  It is a good idea...

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