Custody Issues: Dealing With Spring And Summer Break After A Divorce

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The spring and summer holidays are quickly approaching, and that can be a difficult topic to deal with during a divorce when children are involved. Child custody during holidays and time off of school is one of the most important parts of the custody process. Where the children will go during those times need to be specifically spelled out so that there is no confusion or frustration for the kids. The following are some things to keep in mind when it comes to holidays and custody:

Consider the Children's Wants

While you do not have to directly subscribe to exactly where the children want to go when they are on holiday from school, you should take them into consideration when you are making plans. Putting kids in a position to choose which parent they want to be with is never ideal, but you should listen to them thoughtfully if they feel like making their opinions known.

Make a Schedule Early

The last thing anyone will want are last second plans. While most custody arrangements are made during the divorce process, there should be some room for changes. Still, if you need to make changes to custody during a holiday time, be sure to do so as early as possible. The first thing you need to do is consult with the other parent to ensure it is even a possibility to make a change. If it is not, you will need to accept the plan in place. If it is possible to change, make arrangements early on and be sure to send reminders about the changes from time to time so no one is confused.

Work it Out Yourselves

If at all possible, try to work out any differences yourselves when it comes to anything dealing with your holiday custody. The last thing you want to do is go back to court to hash out issues with your custody arrangement. The spring and summer holidays are supposed to be a fun time of year, so try not to dampen it with courtroom drama if you do not have to. You need to come together as parents for the sake of the children to work out an agreement yourselves.

Even divorced families can still have a good time during holidays and vacations from school. The adults must remain reasonable when it comes to changes or requests. Make every effort to remain calm and do not fight in front of the kids. That is never an ideal situation, but especially if it involves them. They should not be made to feel they are the cause of an argument. Contact a legal firm, like Cooper Levenson Attorneys At Law , for more help.