3 Vital Reasons To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney

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Have you recently been injured while at work? Is your workplace or the insurance company refusing to properly compensate you for your injuries? When you've been injured through no fault of your own, all you want to do is to recuperate and to heal. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to spend your time playing phone-tag with various people in an attempt to get the money that you both need and deserve. But there is a better way: hiring an attorney to do this work for you. There are probably many reasons why you haven't already done this. However, there are also many reasons why you definitely should. Some of these include:

No money up front: A lot of people won't hire an attorney due to the potential costs involved. You may have heard that a lawyer is going to want a large retainer in order to begin work on any case. While this may be true for some types of lawyers, a workers compensation attorney is not like this. Instead of taking money up front, he or she will take a percentage of the money that you're finally awarded. If you still lose the case for whatever reason, you'll owe your attorney nothing.

Faster resolution: It's an unfortunate truth that many people aren't taken seriously unless they've already hired an attorney. The person or people in charge of determining what sort of compensation, if any, that you're owed may assume that your case must not be that serious if you don't already have a workers compensation attorney on your side. This can get your case pushed to the bottom of the pile, behind people who do have lawyers. If you get an attorney on your side, he or she will be able to push through some of the red tape that you have been getting stuck in.

Higher payout: People who are injured don't always have a good idea of how much they should get for their injuries. In some instances, the injured party is almost certainly claiming damages in excess of what they should actually be getting. But it's also extremely common, as might be true with you, that the injured party makes a small claim in the hopes of getting any money at all. Your workers compensation attorney will help you to find a balance between compensation that is greater than what you should be getting and compensation that won't even cover part of your medical costs and other bills.

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