Three Things To Bring To Your Meeting With Your Car Accident Attorney

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A car accident is an experience that can leave you with permanent injuries and major debts. Facing those that were responsible for the accident in a court of law can be the only effective option for forcing payment when they are refusing to honor your damages. The first step in using the courts to pursue damages from your car accident will be to have a meeting with an attorney that specializes in these injuries. During this meeting, there are some important documents and pieces of information that you should have with you.

Injury Records

If your accident resulted in serious injuries, you will likely have sought medical treatment for these conditions. Your attorney will need to be able to evaluate the severity of the debts that were incurred by these injuries as well as the lasting repercussions the patient may experience. By having a copy of any medical records from the event, your attorney will be better able to help you decide if a formal lawsuit will be the best option for your case.


Having photographic evidence of the various damages that resulted from the accident can be valuable to your attorney as it can be used as evidence during court proceedings. While many people will appreciate the need to photograph the damage done to their vehicles, they may not take pictures of the injuries that they suffered. Often, this is a result of the victim simply assuming that their medical records will be sufficient. However, the images of your injuries can be very powerful when dealing with judges and juries as they will help to verify your injury claims. When you are taking these photographs, make sure that you have the date on the image so that it will be easier to verify that they are from the accident in question.

Insurance Information

Prior to your meeting with the attorney, you should gather all of the information for any of the insurance companies that are involved with the accident. It can be common for insurance companies to attempt to trick individuals into to forgetting their right to fight for the full value of their case. By providing your attorney with this information, they will be able to ensure that the insurance companies are notified that you have hired an attorney. This will allow all combinations with the parties in the case to be directed through your attorney. In addition to ensuring that you receive guidance before each decision, this will also reduce the amount of work that you must do for your case as communicating and negotiations will be handled by your legal representative.

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