Secure Your Future Through Proactivity — Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyer

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No one enters into a marriage expecting it to end. The conclusion of a long and meaningful relationship can be among the most stressful periods in your life, but it's vital that you don't allow that stress to overwhelm you. Even polite and amicable divorces require you to be engaged in the process and prepared for anything that might be around the bend.

In order to guarantee that preparation, you need to be sure to be fully engaged with your attorney. That means having the answers to pressing questions; however, you may not even know the questions to ask. Below, you'll find a guide to a few of those questions, providing you with the start of a roadmap to getting through this stressful process.

Ask About Direct Negotiations

The financial consequences of a divorce are likely to be significant, and they can be compounded by attorney's fees. Though your lawyer will be willing to work with you to minimize costs, it can still be helpful to cut down the number of hours spent on the case as long as it doesn't cause you any detriment.

If the relationship between you and your ex remains cordial, it may be possible to negotiate directly over the less contentious parts of the divorce. Your lawyer will still be able to advise you on the steps to take to protect your interests, but you'll be able to complete some work directly.

Ask About Communication Strategies

When feelings are involved, it's important that communication be carefully planned. Not saying anything to your ex that can damage you is important for both emotional and material well-being, and choosing your words carefully can pay off down the line.

Communicating with your attorney around his or her busy schedule may also prove to be difficult. Setting up regular calls and agreeing on specific timing for updates can reduce frustrations and allow you to proceed in a true partnership.

Ask About A Timeline

No two divorce cases are identical, and your lawyer will be hard pressed to give you a firm date as to when your case is likely to conclude. However, with experience in the industry, your attorney should be able to evaluate your case against other, similar situations and use that information to provide you with an estimate. If you feel like your life is stuck as you wait for the conclusion to a divorce, your mental health may be substantially enhanced by knowing there's light at the end of the tunnel.

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