Slip And Slide Defense: How Slipping At A Water Park May Not Be Your Fault

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There is nothing better for family and friends to enjoy in the heat of the summer than a great day at the water park. There are plenty of slides, wading pools, and more for each level of swimming ability. One of the worst things that can happen at a water park is slipping and falling. Though water parks are wet and it is clear that you should be careful, being careful may not always prevent an accident. Here are some reasons why your slip and fall at a water park may be the fault of the water park itself. 

Not enough grates or gutters

When people get out of the water after a water slide or after the wading pool, there will be water that drips down as they walk. Thought water drinking down onto the sidewalk cannot be helped, there should be sufficient grates and gutters to whisk water away from the grounds as it develops. Allowing water to pool on the floors presents a danger to even the most careful fo walkers. If the water park does not have proper grating in order to allow for safe walking, they may be responsible for your slip and fall. 

Walkways have no grip

Often, it is fine to walk through a waterpark with sandals as well as barefoot. In order for walkers to remain safe, the ground should have some grip. If the ground at the water park is too smooth, it could be the reason that many park goers wind up falling and sustaining injuries. To determine the culpability, your slip and fall accident attorney should take a look at the walkways in the water park that you were injured at versus other water park walkways. If other water parks have walkways created with an easier grip surface, this lends credibility to the water park being at fault for your injury. 

No cleaning and clearing of paths

It is always the responsibility of the business to make sure that the grounds remain clear and safe for walking for customers. Maintenance staff should be clearing the floors and walkways often and making sure there is no excess water build up. If the business does not have staff properly clearing out the walkways, this can cause patrons to have an unsafe walking path. If there is no maintenence schedule that the business has set and can show is followed, they may be responsible for your slip and fall injuries. 

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