Tips For Better Communication With Your Litigator

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If you are the client of a litigator, there is a good chance that you want your case to be handled as well and as smoothly as possible. This is going to require a decent amount of communication between you and your litigator. Here are some tips on improving your communication between yourself and your litigator.

1. Make Sure That Your Litigator Understands Your Stress Level

Your litigator is going to assume, objectively, that you are likely under a lot of stress. However, he or she might not be aware of the exact level of stress that you might be feeling. When people are under stress, they tend to do things that they wouldn't ordinarily do, such as break personal possessions, get cranky or weepy in what would have previously been a mundane conversation, or have other problems. You need to be sure that you tip your litigator off as to what problems you tend to experience when you are stressed so that he or she can work those into the schedule so that you do not fall behind on your case.

2. Write a Life History for Your Litigator

You have a detailed life that your litigator might not know about. You never know what kind of information is going to be important in a case. You might have parts of you history that will help enhance your credibility or somehow make it easier for you to win your case. If you don't write a life history for your litigator, he or she won't know these various details and won't be able to use them when they could really help you gain an advantage. Ask your litigator ahead of time if it would be okay if you wrote out this history and then take the time outside of his or her office to write it up.

3. Request Copies of Everything

Finally, request that the litigator's office sends you copies of everything that has to do with your case. Make sure that you actually go through it and are able to have a general understanding of what you don't actually understand, allowing you to ask smarter questions. This will show the litigator that you can be told important strategy and that you will understand it, as well as give yourself a little bit of control over the situation.

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