Common Divorce Concerns Addressed

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Divorcing your spouse may be one of the most stressful experiences that you ever experience. Unfortunately, it is a reality that some people will not possess the knowledge required to make informed choices. In order to help you prepare for this trying experience, you might want to consider the answers to the following basic divorce concerns and questions.

What If You Have Concerns About Your Safety After Notifying The Other Spouse Of The Divorce?

It is an unpleasant fact of life that some individuals may become violent at learning that their spouse is planning on divorcing them. If this is a situation that you are facing, you should inform your attorney of this fact. These professionals will be able to take steps to help keep you safe. For example, they can arrange for the divorce papers to be served when you have safely left the premises, and they can file for a restraining order if there is a threat of physical violence or harassment.

What Will Happen To The Children From The Marriage?

The fate of the child that were produced by your marriage may be one of the most important factors that you are worried about. Depending on the  circumstances of your divorce, it may be able to negotiate custody of the children from the other spouse during mediation. In instances where an agreement about custody of the children can not be reached, you should expect the court to issue a ruling on this matter. When making this decision, the court will consider a variety of factors in an effort to identify which parent will be able to provide the best life for the children. This may include factors such as the income of the parents, their relationship with the child as well as their overall level of responsibility.

Why Do Some Jurisdictions Require A Separation Period?

Depending on where the divorce will be filed, it may be necessary to wait up to several months before it can proceed. These separation periods are designed to allow both sides to consider whether divorce is the right choice. Also, it will allow the emotions on both sides to dull somewhat, which may make it easier for the spouses to come to agreements concerning the divorce. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid these separation periods when they are required.  

Divorce has become a fairly common outcome when individuals get married. However, being uninformed about what to expect during these proceedings can easily cause you to feel more stress and fear than necessary. By understanding that there are steps that can be taken to protect you against a violent spouse, the process for determining custody of children as well as the purpose of the separation period, you will be better able anticipate what to expect from your divorce. For more information, contact firms like Cotto Law Firm P.C.