Look For A Traffic Attorney Who Works With Former Police Officers

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When you need to hire an attorney to represent you after getting a serious traffic ticket, you'll commonly call a few attorneys and discuss their expertise and experience. This is an important step to take, but you should also ask each attorney about his or her support network. Specifically, you should ask whether they attorney works with former police officers. You'll find that lots of traffic attorneys have ex-police officers on staff, typically working in investigation and advisory roles. Here are some benefits of hiring an attorney who works with former law enforcement.

Better Investigation Of The Crime Scene

When you've been in an accident and received a serious traffic ticket as a result, your attorney will likely need to know as much about the accident scene as possible. There's no better scenario than having a former police officer on staff, as he or she can visit the scene to meticulously document it. Many former police officers who work with traffic attorneys have experience as accident investigators for the police, which means that this expert may be able to identify issues around the scene that can bolster your defense. For example, an investigator may notice that a street sign was obstructed or missing entirely, which may have had a role in your case.

More Ability To Find Loopholes

A highly experienced traffic attorney will often be able to find loopholes in your case, ultimately leading to its outright dismissal or to a reduction in your charges. Attorneys who don't have as many years on the job might not notice these loopholes as easily, but having an ex-police officer on staff will help. Based on his or her experience in handling many traffic ticket cases, the officer can likely point out issues with your case to help the attorney and, in the end, also help you.

A Testament To The Attorney

You should also note that a traffic ticket attorney who works with a selection of former police officers is likely successful in his or her business. Whereas a struggling attorney likely lacks the overhead to retain these professionals on his or her payroll, an attorney who uses multiple police officers as investigators is probably excelling because he or she evidently has the funds to pay these experts. This suggests that the attorney is winning a lot of cases. You should feel confident to hire such an attorney to represent you in any sort of traffic case.

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