Motorcycle Accidents: What To Do If A Driver Forces You Off The Road

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If you're like other motorcyclists, you spend most of your weekends, holidays, and other special times of the year exploring the open roads. But if a careless driver forces you off the road, the devastation caused by the accident can quickly change your life. Here are things you can do if a driver forces you off the road. 

Don't Sign Away Your Rights

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be devastating. The injuries you sustained during your accident can limit your ability to walk, speak, and even think clearly. The other driver's car insurance provider may want to settle the incident as fast as they possibly can. To do so, the insurer may offer you a settlement right away. If you agree to the settlement, you may sign away your rights to sue the driver or insurance company later. 

You don't want to accept any offers right away, especially if your injuries require long-term care and treatment. The offers may not be enough to cover your physical therapy sessions, prescriptions, or surgeries. Even if you have medical and motorcycle insurance coverage of your own, they still may not be enough to cover your bills. Your condition can become worse if you can't pay for your treatment. 

Instead of signing away your rights, contact a motorcycle accident attorney for help.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for Guidance and Help

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you obtain the settlement amount you deserve based on a number of factors, including the extent of your injuries and the nature of your accident. An attorney may also consider the effects of your injuries on your future. For example, if your injuries require you to spend years in physical therapy, you may not be able to work during that time. The wages you stand to lose during your therapy may be calculated or added to your claim.

A motorcycle accident attorney may also visit the scene of your accident to see if they can obtain additional evidence for your case. The evidence may include skid marks, broken glass, and damaged utility poles or trees. If the area contains streetlight cameras, an attorney may be able to secure and use their footage as evidence for your case. The exact methods used to secure your case may vary, depending on the attorney you hire for your case. If you have questions about your case or how to move forward with it, contact an attorney right away.

If you sustained life-changing injuries at no fault of your own, contact a motorcycle accident attorney today.