The Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney For A Summary Divorce

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If you have no children and there are few to no assets, you may be able to file a summary divorce, also known as a simple divorce or a streamline divorce. This type of divorce is designed to allow both parties to quickly and easily exit a short marriage or a marriage where there is little to divvy up. While typically a divorce attorney is not used for these types of divorces, there still can be some benefits to consulting with and working with one during yours. Learning the pros and cons will help you determine if it is right in your situation. Here are the pros and cons of hiring a divorce attorney for a summary divorce. 

Cons of Hiring a Divorce Attorney for a Summary Divorce

One of the downsides to hiring a divorce attorney for any type of divorce is the cost. A divorce attorney is not cheap. As such, if things are simple in your divorce and you and your partner agree on everything, you may be able to bypass the cost of hiring an attorney. 

The other disadvantage to hiring a divorce attorney for a summary divorce is that your soon to be ex spouse may feel like you are trying to take advantage of them or get a leg up by hiring legal counsel, especially if they do not have a lawyer. When you are filing a summary divorce, you need to both be civil. If you are not civil and one party contests the divorce or the agreement, the summary divorce may fall apart. 

Pros of Hiring a Divorce Attorney for a Summary Divorce

One of the ways that a divorce attorney can help with a summary divorce is to ensure all of the paperwork is properly filed and you receive a divorce decree. If the paperwork is incorrectly filled out, served on the other party or filed, the divorce may be stalled or delayed. An attorney ensures everything is done correctly. 

The other advantage to hiring a divorce attorney for a summary divorce is that they can ensure the terms you are agreeing to are fair. If you do not understand what you are agreeing to or give up more than you should, there is not a way to go back and claim ignorance or lack of knowledge in the future. Once you sign and the judge signs off, that is it. An attorney ensures you are not agreeing to something you may later regret. 

If you are still unsure whether hiring a divorce attorney is right in your situation, sit down for a consultation with one. A divorce lawyer can tell you the complications that may arise with your case and how they can be beneficial to you based on the circumstances surrounding your divorce. 

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