Understanding Apraxia Of Speech And Social Security Disability For Children

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Does your toddler have apraxia of speech? Your child may have been able to reach other milestones, such as sitting, crawling and even walking, but may be struggling to form words. If he or she is already two or three years old, there is a chance you are already receiving special services for your little one, such as speech therapy and behavioral therapy. However, you may have decided to apply for disability benefits for your child because his or her inability to talk is truly disabling. If your child was denied the first time around, you do not have to agree with the response you received. Instead, you can appeal it and attempt to get the social security disability for your little one.

Apraxia of Speech: How Is It a Disability?

Apraxia of speech is a disorder some children suffer from that makes it difficult for them to form words or sentences. It is possible your child is not even calling you mom or dad just yet. While strokes and brain injuries can cause this type of disorder to occur in children, it is often a bit of a mystery. Some children have completely normal scans return back yet they simply cannot talk. In such cases, speech therapy is highly recommended, but progress often takes time. While the Social Security Administration may not have this disorder included on their list of disabilities, there are many reasons why it is a true disability.

Your child may not be falling behind due to his or her lack of speech. A lack of communication makes it difficult for the child to express his or her wants and needs to the parents and other family members. You may notice your child throws more tantrums because he or she is misunderstood. Some family members may not understand anything your little one is saying. Unfortunately, trouble with speech can lead to several other delays and issues, such as trouble with coordination, extreme texture sensitivities and difficulty learning to read as he or she gets older.

Getting Social Security Disability for Your Child

As a parent, you may want to fight hard for your child because you are the one who knows what it is like to live with a child who suffers from apraxia speech. Each day may be a struggle. The first step to take when appealing the denial is to get in touch with a disability attorney who can help to file the appeal. While the attorney works to gather more information about the disorder your child suffers from through medical records, consider getting a second opinion from a neurologist. The neurologist may need to run scans and meet with your child face to face to determine how severe the apraxia is for him or her.

The information you receive from an experienced neurologist could help with the case. The attorney will work on presenting this information so that the Social Security Administration can see how badly your child is affected by such a serious issue. People may think your little one will just grow out of it, but children with apraxia of speech often need many years of therapy before drastic improvements are made.

Your child may have been turned down for social security disability simply because many people do not realize how severe childhood apraxia of speech is and how many problems it can cause for children right now and in the future. However, you can fight the denial by completing the appeals process with an experienced disability attorney.

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